Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Town Lovin MEETS Keeping it Simple

One of my old friends and I have reconnected over the ever-crazy blogosphere.  I am so excited to introduce guest blogger, KK of Small Town Lovin.  I have very vivid memories of jumping on her trampoline and counting out hundreds of pennies so we could go with her cool older brother to the movies...come to find out, we were $4 short.  We had a good laugh about what the movie theatre would have said when we handed them 1,000 pennies.  How selfish of me to spend KK's life savings on a movie! 

Below is a picture of us from 1996 Homecoming...

I look like a baby and she look so grown up and has hardly changed a bit!!!

Small Town Lovin dabbles in a few different areas.  She posts incredible photography and crafty ideas for raising children.  She has the three most beautiful daughters!!!  Definitely bookmark her blog for future reads.  Her post today is a clever way to document your family's busy life:

hi! my name is KK from Small Town Lovin, and I will be guest posting today at Keeping It Simple. I am a mother of 3 girls all under the age of 4. 
This = craziness! 

If you have one child or five, you know the demands of being a mommy are tough. I never knew I could multi task so many things!!  I can hold a baby, make dinner and talk on the phone all at the same time. I am like a super spy and have perfected the art of opening sleeping babys doors,  without making the slightest noise. Some nights I wake up at 3am, realizing I nursed the baby an hour ago and we are sleeping, sitting up right in the same position. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I am a master at distraction so my 2yr old won't throw a fit, I wipe booties, clean noses, fix meals, clean up all day and love {most} every minute of it. 

With all that being said, sometimes the days get a bit blurry and I forget what happened an hour ago. I do not want to look back and not remember these precious times even though they are so demanding. So, I created a family journal. 

Whether you are a newlywed or already have a house full of kids, it is never too late to start a family journal. 

We keep ours in the kitchen, right by the telephone. It is easily accessible and always open.
things included in our journal include:

~ funny things the kids say
~notes to eachother
~things we are thankful for

~lovely doodling from the kids

really the book is about us- there are no guidelines, no time frames. since it is so handy, it is so easy to go write something really quick. we all take part, and THAT is what makes the book so special. i have baby books for all my girls and can transfer anything to there i want to, but i know in years to come, that these will be the books we will all look back on and cherish.

* if you do not have kids yet - go ahead and start one - it would be so great to document those early years before kids and all through future pregnancies as well:) wish i would have done that looking back!

*if you want to add little photos here and there, then i recommend getting an Instant Camera -

its great to have handy and include every day photos - first day of school, sick days at home, special meals etc...

*remember to keep it in a very handy place - again ours is open and by the telephone in the kitchen with a pen always handy ready to write.

start yours today and make memories for a lifetime!

thanks for having me janann ~ you will always be one of my favorite peeps! 

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