Sunday, June 19, 2011

Awkward Prego Moment 6

One of my strict rules for electronic communication is that I don't overuse LOL.  I only use it if I am ACTUALLY laughing out loud.  That being said, the story below made me LOL :)

"I was visiting my in-laws about halfway through my pregnancy to pick out baby bedding fabric. I was over at my in-law's house and my father-in-law was commenting on how large I was getting. 'You're just growing so much! You're belly is filling out and your breasts are are so much bigger!' Yes, that's right, my father-in-law commented on the size of my boobs. The moment proceeded to get even better when my mother-in-law gave him a horrified look and said 'That's so inappropriate. Don't be rude! How would you like it if someone commented on the size of your package?' To which he replied, 'Well I think I'd like it.'"

Hope you are all LOLing!  Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and soon-to-be-fathers out there! 

Please email your awkward pregnant stories.  Click here to read other awkward pregnant moments.

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