Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Bopster Family

The Boppy

When to use: Immediately when you begin nursing to whenever you stop nursing

My husband was convinced that the Boppy was a gimmick, but after seeing it in action, he is now a believer! We had so much trouble trying to get L in a comfortable position in the hospital for nursing; we tried stuffing pillows all around me, nurses giving me tons of suggestion by showing me different positions, etc…Finally, one nurse asked if we had anything at home we planned on using and to have someone bring it to me. My sister was nice enough to make a special Boppy trip. BINGO! We kept it by my side for months! It kept both L and I in comfortable positions when nursing. It comes in many colors, sold in stores everywhere, and also comes with slipcovers for easy washing. You can even custom order your slip cover if you want from the Boppy website.

*Helpful Hint - Pack the Boppy in your "hospital bag." They recommend trying to nurse as soon as possible after the baby is born and it will make your life easier having it there and ready to go.

The Boppy Lounger

When to use - from the time you bring your baby home from the hospital until they are starting to rollover

I know! I know! Another Boppy product! I promise they are not paying me to say this. I stumbled upon this one by accident. We were sent this as a baby gift when L was around 4 weeks old. I almost returned it because I felt like baby stuff was taking over my house and I have to admit it, it is a little bit of an eye soar. Oh man! Was I glad we kept it! It will be my future baby gift for all of my friends and it should be yours too. At the fabulous price of $29.95, you can even buy it for your friends with triplets.

The BL is not only portable in your house, but for travel, dropping off at the grandparent’s house, or squeezing your little nugget in between you on Saturday mornings. I am a little embarrassed to say, but it was nice when I barely had time to take a shower some days, to be able to put her in the bathroom with me. The BL works perfect for things like that! It is, by far, the most portable device out there.

Since it is a fairly new product, I have yet to see it in a store (let me know if you find it somewhere), but they do sell it various places online. They sell a slipcover for it too. I am convinced it will become a new staple registry item and Boppy will develop cuter slip covers for it like they have for the original Boppy.

Compared to similiar product:

WOWSA...the price of this one ($129.99) is enough to make you run away! It is hard to tell by the picture, but the Nap Nanny is much bigger than it looks making it hard to pack.

*Side note - I have been lucky that L does not have acid reflux. An advantage to the Nap Nanny is that it is recommended for this condition and many of my friends swear by it for this reason! I would not spring for it before your baby gets here, but it is something to keep in my mind if your baby does have acid reflux.

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