Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pregnant ≠ Paisley

Why is it that when you get pregnant your clothes options look more like Gap circa-1990 than anything remotely close to current trends?  Pregnant paisley, florals, and polka dots, but that seems to be your only option...Exhibit A and B

On top of that, they all seem to be more than anyone wants to spend on temporary clothes.  I became increasingly frustrated with my lack of options when I was pregnant with L.  Not only do you feel fat, but everyone tells you to get over it, "You are pregnant, you are supposed to get big."  We are all girls and no matter what stage of life we are in, we want to look and feel cute!

Well, hopefully, I can help you prego ladies out!  I was reading my go-to fashion blog, Luella and June, and got motivated by their "color pops" post to scour the internet for some cute, affordable maternity clothes.  I had some luck! Today's post is short and sweet, but crossing my fingers you find something that makes you look and feel cute that you may have not found otherwise!

I am going to continue to post my favorite maternity fashion finds, so check back periodically.

PS - I would, also, definitely try Gap Maternity and Ann Taylor Maternity.  Gap even has a maternity section in some stores, so you can try it on instead of dealing with shipping and returns.  Call your local Gap and see.

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