Monday, November 21, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Today is L's birthday!  Can't believe a year has gone by!  She is turning into this little person right before our eyes!  Here are some pictures from her Pretty in Pink Birthday Party yesterday.

Pretty in Pink Invitation

View from the front door

Party Table

I added more pictures after this was taken of L throughout her first year

Tutu table for gifts

Birthday Girl

Blowing out her cupcake cake candle

WAY to into her cupcake to pose for a pic

L with her cool older cousin

L is lucky enough to share her birthday with her Grandmother, future aunt, and my cousin!  Happy Birthday to all of you! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Funny Friday: Toy Week

The PERFECT white elephant gift!  I legitimately saw this ad on TV a few days ago!  I am super competitive when it comes to games, but I think I would be ok with losing this one. (Email subscribers click here to watch)

You win by collecting Doggie's Doo?  To me, that is losing!

Buy your own Doggie Doo game!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Island of Misfit Toys

To continue Toy Week, I wanted to tell you the toy L was not into.

I am not sure if there is baby crack in cell phones, but when L sees one, she has eyes for nothing else.  (Kind of like me and a chocolate chip cookie.  They make me a bad person.  I will literally steal one off your plate when you are not looking.  I can't help myself)  She will grab hold of one and not let go!  She cries when it is pried from her fingers.

In order to solve this problem, I kicked into mommy gear and thought I was so smart.  I bought this fake toy phone for her, BUT she was not tricked whatsoever.  She cast away the fake phone like Rudolph on the Island of Misfit Toys!

"L wouldn't let poor fake phone, fake phone, join in any cell phone games."

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smilin' Smart Phone

She played with it for maybe 5 seconds.  SO...Against my better judgement, I gave L a real phone.  Before you judge me,  I recently had an upgrade for my phone, so decided to give L my old iPhone.  Within the first few minutes, I realized this phone was not going to last long.  The screen would get cracked in no time.  

"Then one foggy autumn eve, Amazon came to say, Mommy with your phone so bright, won't you buy this case tonight, Sure!"  

I learned about the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case that protects the phone and acts as a teether.  Mine JUST came in and I am taking it out the box as I type.  I will let you know how it goes.  Worth a shot, right?

"Then, all the iPhones loved L, loved L, as she shouted out with glee, yippee.  IPhone, the grand ole' 3G, 3G, you'll be safe from my baby"

Ok, so my story isn't as kid friendly as the Rudolph story.  The fake phone is still on the island of misfit toys and will probably stay there.  Truth hurts folks!  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Toy Box Top 8

I am excited to kick off toy week this week!  With Christmas looming in my mind, I hope I can give you some ideas of what to buy the babies in your life!

L has a mountain of toys that we have accumulated throughout the year.  It is funny to me that she ends up playing with the same toys over and over again.  Her attention span never lasts very long, but if it keeps her entertained for more than 10 minutes, it is a success!  Here are the top 8 go-to toys at our house...

1.  Musical Monkey - Three-in-one!  The tail is a rattle, the blue ring is a teether, and the nose lights up and plays music.  She especially loved this toy from 0-6 months!

2.  Sophie - The lovefest has definitely simmered down between Sophie and L, but we couldn't live without Sophie those first 9 months.

3.  Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes - Baby Einstein is the jam!  L loved pushing the button to make the song change over and over again.  L was crazy about this one from 6-9 months.

4.  Plush Books with Tails - These books come in all different themes.  They are made of crinkly material,  have different textured tails, and bright colors.  L loves those features and I love the Velcro loop!  I can attach it to high chairs/car seats/grocery carts to keep L entertained on the go.  L has been entertained by this book since she was 4 months and still is today!

5.  My First Purse - This is the one we have, but they sell all sorts of them.  She loves to open it up and pull everything out.  The cell phone rings and there is a mirror on the compact that keeps her attention.  This is a  more recent favorite in our house!  Is it bad that she already knows to put the cell phone to her ear?  Is she trying to tell me something?

6.  Learning Walker - L's grandmother brought her this last time she was in town!  It is her favorite toy right now.  She loves pushing it around and around and around!  The music pad part comes off easily too, so she can use it flat on the ground.  She started playing with this around 10 months and it is a daily favorite.

7.  Stacking Cup Set  - I was shocked that she likes these.  They seem so boring, but she loves to knock them around and try to restack them.  We just started playing with these a couple weeks ago.

8.  Press N Go Inchworm - A family friend gave us this one.  She has 9 grandchildren, so I knew she knew what was up!  She did!  L can't really push it by herself yet, but we help her.  She loves chasing after it and it puts the biggest smile on her face!  A really fun family activity to send it back and forth between us.  I think we started playing with it around 9 months and still do today.

What were your baby's favorite toys?  Did they like any of these?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And the Winner is...

After 90 votes on facebook, the winner is the Hangover picture!  Congratulations to Courtney and Baby "Carlos" for winning the Halloween Photo contest.  Email me to discuss your video.

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