Monday, November 21, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Today is L's birthday!  Can't believe a year has gone by!  She is turning into this little person right before our eyes!  Here are some pictures from her Pretty in Pink Birthday Party yesterday.

Pretty in Pink Invitation

View from the front door

Party Table

I added more pictures after this was taken of L throughout her first year

Tutu table for gifts

Birthday Girl

Blowing out her cupcake cake candle

WAY to into her cupcake to pose for a pic

L with her cool older cousin

L is lucky enough to share her birthday with her Grandmother, future aunt, and my cousin!  Happy Birthday to all of you! 


Emily said...

How fun! Love her party! Oh and today is my sweet nephews birthday too!

Jessica Fisk said...

Happy birthday too you my sweet dear.I love you so much and am give you pink dress for you.

pink color women dress

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