Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Best Thing I've Done So Far

When GiGi was two weeks old, we had a professional photographer come to our home and take our picture.  I love that the pictures where taken in our home and the majority were done in GiGi’s nursery.  I’m totally obsessed with the photos and will do this with all my babies!!  I’m so obsessed I think I might have her picture taken every three months for the first year … she is growing and changing so much and I want to capture her sweet face as much a possible!! 

This is really the BEST thing I’ve done so far and I didn’t read this anywhere and no one told me to do this … I guess I came up with it all on my own.  So, I’m telling you now … if you are pregnant, find you a photographer and book a photo shoot sometime during the first four weeks!!!

Until Next Time,


Emily said...

So sweet!!! If only I can talk my hubby into money money is all he sees. Not memories memories memories!

Simple Mom said...

I know Emily! Some of those photography sessions can get pretty expensive. We had a friend come over that has a nice camera to take some, so that is definitely another option.

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