Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rearranging Dirt

Before I get started on today's product, check out the adorable costume entries on the Keeping it Simple facebook page.  Thank you to those who entered!  You really out did yourselves!  Please vote for your favorites by "liking" the individual photo.  You can vote for more the one if your heart desires!

Alright, back to Rearranging Dirt...My cheerleading squad used to have car washes for fundraising purposes.  My parents would come to be supportive, but my mom always said we would make her car dirtier than it was when she got there.  By the end of the day, the towels we were using were black with dirt...instead of washing cars we were basically rearranging dirt.  

So, I am not a germ freak, but when my food falls off my plate at a restaurant onto the table, I won't eat it.  It might as well have fallen onto the floor.  When I see the dish rags they used to "clean" my table, I picture the towels we used on the cars.  They basically rearrange the food and germ residue on the table from the people before us.  ICK!

We don't go out to eat nearly as often now that we have L, but we still try to make Sunday dinners with my side of the family.  This suddenly became harder when L began sitting up and didn't want to stay in her car seat the high chair she went.    The high chair gives her more freedom and almost everything on the table is within her reach.  So, we try and plan our day so she eats at the restaurant to keep her entertained during the meal.  Just recently, we started ordering off the menu for her.  This proposes a problem!  Where do I put the food?  A plate would go flying to the floor, food and all.  Obviously, I won't put it on the "rearranged dirt" table.  I said last Sunday, "There has to be some sort of product out there for this." 

Well, yes there is!  I FOUND A FEW!

The Summer Infant Dining mat rolls up easily, latches on to the table, and is reusable.  However, if you do not want to deal with cleaning it every time, there are some disposable versions.

For you environmentally friendly moms, some of them are biodegradable.

Any other tips out there for dining out?

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