Thursday, June 30, 2011

Small Town Lovin MEETS Keeping it Simple

One of my old friends and I have reconnected over the ever-crazy blogosphere.  I am so excited to introduce guest blogger, KK of Small Town Lovin.  I have very vivid memories of jumping on her trampoline and counting out hundreds of pennies so we could go with her cool older brother to the movies...come to find out, we were $4 short.  We had a good laugh about what the movie theatre would have said when we handed them 1,000 pennies.  How selfish of me to spend KK's life savings on a movie! 

Below is a picture of us from 1996 Homecoming...

I look like a baby and she look so grown up and has hardly changed a bit!!!

Small Town Lovin dabbles in a few different areas.  She posts incredible photography and crafty ideas for raising children.  She has the three most beautiful daughters!!!  Definitely bookmark her blog for future reads.  Her post today is a clever way to document your family's busy life:

hi! my name is KK from Small Town Lovin, and I will be guest posting today at Keeping It Simple. I am a mother of 3 girls all under the age of 4. 
This = craziness! 

If you have one child or five, you know the demands of being a mommy are tough. I never knew I could multi task so many things!!  I can hold a baby, make dinner and talk on the phone all at the same time. I am like a super spy and have perfected the art of opening sleeping babys doors,  without making the slightest noise. Some nights I wake up at 3am, realizing I nursed the baby an hour ago and we are sleeping, sitting up right in the same position. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I am a master at distraction so my 2yr old won't throw a fit, I wipe booties, clean noses, fix meals, clean up all day and love {most} every minute of it. 

With all that being said, sometimes the days get a bit blurry and I forget what happened an hour ago. I do not want to look back and not remember these precious times even though they are so demanding. So, I created a family journal. 

Whether you are a newlywed or already have a house full of kids, it is never too late to start a family journal. 

We keep ours in the kitchen, right by the telephone. It is easily accessible and always open.
things included in our journal include:

~ funny things the kids say
~notes to eachother
~things we are thankful for

~lovely doodling from the kids

really the book is about us- there are no guidelines, no time frames. since it is so handy, it is so easy to go write something really quick. we all take part, and THAT is what makes the book so special. i have baby books for all my girls and can transfer anything to there i want to, but i know in years to come, that these will be the books we will all look back on and cherish.

* if you do not have kids yet - go ahead and start one - it would be so great to document those early years before kids and all through future pregnancies as well:) wish i would have done that looking back!

*if you want to add little photos here and there, then i recommend getting an Instant Camera -

its great to have handy and include every day photos - first day of school, sick days at home, special meals etc...

*remember to keep it in a very handy place - again ours is open and by the telephone in the kitchen with a pen always handy ready to write.

start yours today and make memories for a lifetime!

thanks for having me janann ~ you will always be one of my favorite peeps! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Luella and June Inspired: Red, White, and Blue

The 4th of July is upon us!  Check out Luella and June's Red White and Blue post for accessories for this coming holiday weekend!

Being pregnant doesn't mean you can't celebrate the country's independence in style...

Top red dress, Bottom red dress, top white tunic top, red and white striped dress, royal blue jeans (if you dare), blue maxi dress (yes, dorothy perkins is in london, but they ship to US for $7.50 in 5-7 days)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

$ave $ome $crilla: Cinderella's Step Sister

The Bella Band was recommended to me to make my regular clothes last longer while I was pregnant.  People would go on and on about how wonderful these things were.  You could leave your pants unbuttoned or even unzipped and the magical band would cover up the bumps that showed through your shirts and hold up your pants. 

I immediately ordered a handful of them in different colors.  I thought the maternity angels were about to be delivered to my doorstep.  As UPS pulled away from the curb, I tore the bag open and immediately began trying them on with all of my pants.  At first, I was thrilled with them.  Tore off the tags, threw away the box, receipt and all!  But after the first outing, I realized I had been mistaken.

It could be that my rear sticks out further than Cinderella's evil step-sisters, but the bands kept riding up on me.

It made for some embarassing situations when my zipper was poking out underneath my shirt without me even realizing it.  I am sure people were utterly confused thinking how I could possibly be pregnant when it looked like I also had a boy part.

Just use the good ole rubber band trick.  It worked like a charm and save you some money on the bands ($26 a piece). 

The Bella Bands did come in handy to be used as cami's later in my pregnancy, but that was about it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

From Mary Poppins to Miss Hannigan

Deciding on child care was one of the most stressful parts of planning for L.  There are so many options at varying costs that make for a very tricky decision. 

Ya, I mean, Mary Poppins would be an ideal nanny, but probably costs more than you and your husband's annual salary combined.  Miss Hannigan, on the other hand, she couldn't pay you to send your baby to her. 

I want to offer two helpful suggestions I came across when I was researching that fall somewhere between day care and a nanny: 
  • The State of Texas has a website where you can enter in your zip code to see licensed/registered child care facilities in your area.  Along with day cares, it lists people who run smaller childcare programs in their homes.  You get the comfort of home without the cost of a nanny and without the germs of a daycare.  Check to see if your state offers a similiar web tool.
  • See if you can find a friend to nanny-share with you.  You both could pay less and the nanny makes more.  It is genius!  Might be a little difficult to find a nanny willing to take on multiple children, but definitely worth a shot if you decide daycare is not for you.
I hope this helps for those of you experiencing child care anxiety.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Lovin'

If you live anywhere in Texas, you know that summer is officially here!  It is H-O-T out there.  I learned about these sunscreen wipes and wanted to share it with you all.
They make the application so much easier, but they are pretty expensive.  I would buy some to throw in your diaper bag for times when you are in the sun unexpectedly.  I have looked for them in stores, but I haven't found them yet. and Amazon both sell them.  This should keep your baby for looking like Magda from There's Something About Mary!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Helpful Tidbits

One consistent thing I have heard/read is that it takes 3 days to establish something new.  Don't expect immediate change in your baby's behavior, sleep habits, etc...

For ex, if you decide to let your baby cry it out in the middle of the night, you may have to do it three nights in a row before you see results.  Be patient. After three days, if it hasn't worked, try something new.

For other helpful tidbits, click here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lunch Hour Special

For those of you who have picky toddlers, I wanted to share this recipe that has been twice toddler approved. 

Check it out over at Literal Coooking.

Funny Friday

Happy Friday to you all!  I hope you have fantastic things planned.

I am starting a Funny Friday series in hopes to kick off your weekend with a bang!

Awkward Prego Story

This is actually more of a post-prego story, but still awkward nonetheless.

"I was already back to work and pumping had become routine. I always brought my supplies and a kitchen towel to dry them before the next pumping. I had the supplies laid out on my credenza drying when my boss came in my office and asked me if I was having breathing problems. He thought the udders were inhalers!!" - Sarah

Pregnancy Photos

In case you decide to have a pregnancy photo shoot, I have a couple of ideas for you below.

How do you think they got the wind to blow right at the right moment?

Photo courtesy of

How on earth did they find eachother...Can I get a me-ow?  
Photo courtesy of 

You tube would not let me post it on my blog, but I share with you the link.  Some labor and delivery advice from Dwight... 

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, we did not earn enough likes yesterday for a giveaway, but I know you all will find some great steals through Rocking Smocking. 

UPDATE 2:  For those of you following this blog through my personal facebook, I have created a "Keeping it Simple" page where I will be posting updates now.  Please "like" it if you would to continue receiving Keeping it Simple posts on your news feed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Don't forget to "like" Rocking Smocking before 8pm tonight to earn a giveway for Keep it Simple next week! She is going to let the winner choose from her collection ($36 item) based on the size they need.


Okay my Keep it Simple Friends!  We have a chance at a giveaway!

You probably recognize this logo from the Smock-tions post the other day.  My friend, Lindsey, at Rocking Smocking has offered to have a giveaway for us if we can add 100 more "likes" on her facebook page today.  Right now she has 201, so we need to get to 301 by 8pm tonight.

Click here and get to "liking!"  Send this post to your friends!

Survivor 23: Su Casa

L lived in our room for 8 weeks before we moved her to the nursery. We slowly accumulated the bare essentials in our bedroom, so we didn’t have to tromp across the house in the middle of the night in the dark. I wanted to share a list of said things so you will know what needs to be ready come go-time. Unlike Survivor on CBS, no one is voted off the island! You must complete the challenge. No room for error :)

BABY SHOWER GIFT ALERT: It would be a cute idea to buy some of these things for a shower and put them in a basket as their "First 6-weeks survival kit."
1.  The Boppy and Boppy Slipcovers - Probably want to have one extra slip cover handy when "things happen" (I will just leave it at that, no need to get descriptive) in the middle of the night.

2. Sheets for crib/cradle/moses basket/bassinet  - I would have about 4 extra of sheets for whatever you have decided upon for the baby's first bed.  Before you become an expert diaper changer, "things happen."

3.  Swaddle Blankets - Aden and Anais blankets come in sets of 4.  8 blankets should be plenty.

4.  Laundry Basket - a quick place to dump stuff when "things happen."

5.  Dreft- this is not so much for middle of the night type thing, but you will want to have this gentle baby detergent on hand when "things happen."

6.  Trumpette Socks - these socks actually stay on and they are super cute! They make a variety of styles.  If you do not have any mitten cuff shirts handy, they can also be used as mittens while they sleep.

7.  Gerber T-Shirts - Buy at least 4 for when "things happen."

8.  Vitamins - Check with your pediatrician on what they recommend before the baby comes.  You can have it ready so you don't have to make an extra trip to the grocery store in those first few days.

9.  Mylicon - This is recommended when babies have gas pains.  I would say most babies do at some point.  Like #8, check with your pediatrician on what they recommend. 

10.  Pacifiers -  You will have to figure out which pacifier your baby prefers.  Helpful Hint - Pacifiers come in sizes according to age.  Be sure to check the packaging when purchasing.

11/12. Diaper Dekor/Diaper Genie - We really LOVE the Diaper Dekor.  Have bag refills ready to go as well.

13/14.  Diaper Changing Pad/Diaper Caddy - Both of these make it easy to setup a mini changing station in your room.

15.  Diapers (duh!) - We preferred the Pampers Swaddlers.  Helpful Hint - This may seem obvious to some, but there is a Newborn (NB) size and a size 1.  They are different.

16.  Wipes - Be sure to buy at least one that comes with the plastic wipe holder (as pictured).  You can store the wipes you are using in there and they won't dry out. We didn't care for the ones that said "thick" wipes.  Just the standard Pampers Sensitive Wipes worked best for us.

17. Burp Cloths - Babies spit up.  That is a fact.

18.Lanolin - If you are nursing, definitely want this close by at all times!

If you have all these things, it should be a piece of cake ;)  Any other suggestions from other moms?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Velcome to Babyland

When I think I of a perfect nursery, I always think of Franck from Father of the Bride 2 telling George Banks, "Velcome to Babyland."

Uploaded by Draculica on YouTube

I just love this nursery!!!  Which brings me to my exciting news...I am pleased to announce that my favorite home decorating blog Knight Moves will be doing a guest blog with nursery decorating tips.

Kyle has a great eye as demonstrated by her post yesterday suggesting fabrics for a nursery.

Look for the guest post soon!  You won't want to miss it!

Luella and June Inspired: Tickled Pink

Inspired by today' post on Luella and June: Tickled Pink...check with L&J for pink accessories.

1. Short Sleeved Ruffled Top
2. Pink Ruffled-front dress
3. Strapless long dress
Sleeveless collared dress
5. Short Sleeved tie-front top - Luella and June fave
6. Hot Pink long-sleeved top

Ok, ok....I snuck some coral in :)

See other Luella and June Inspired posts here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cord Blood Banking

I have had a couple people in the last month ask me about Cord Blood Banking.  I was curious to know how many people did it.  Please vote anonymously and feel free to post any thoughts about it in the comment section.  I think it will help people that are on the fence to hear your thought process behind the decision.

Did you store your baby's cord blood?

COUPON ALERT: 25% off at Gap

Stock up on baby and maternity clothes from the Gap.  Also, think about buying baby clothes for next summer too.  Savings code: GAPSAVENOW, offer ends Friday.

$ave $ome $crilla: Smock-tions

This one goes out to everyone (except my friends that refuse to open facebook accounts)...mothers, expecting mothers, grandparents, fathers, aunts, uncles, and friends. 

I know I have mentioned I am cheap (shoot!  I mean thrifty) before.  Shopping, in general, is always a challenge.  I talk myself out of buying everything before I make it to the register.  It took me three trips to the same boutique during college to buy my first pair of designer jeans.  I almost broke into a cold sweat when they swiped my card. 

This is not a good quality when I want to go splurge on a precious outfit for L at the local specialty shop, and it is $70.  She may wear it twice?!?! 

Well, my friends, the cold sweats at the register can stop!  The newest craze on facebook is Smocked Auctions.  They hold auctions weekly and sell baby clothes at half the price.  Not to mention, if you (like me), love the rush of rolling the dice at the craps table, this is for you!  You must go and "like" their page on facebook to be able to participate.  Each page instructs you on how and when to bid on their items.  They have mostly smocked items, but have other things as well.  Here are a couple I have really liked: Smocked Auctions, Smock it to Me, and Rocking Smocking (the third one just started, so there are less people to compete with ;) )

Happy Smocking (just don't bid on the items I want...jk)!!!! 

Just received this item from Smocked Auctions!  Precious!

Back View
Front View
For other $ave $ome $crilla ideas, click here.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub! 

Before I write about baby bath tubs, I would like to call a Zack Morris time-out.

Time-Out:  Why were there three men in a tub?  I looked up the complete nursery rhyme:

Three men in a tub,
And how do you think they got there?
The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick-maker,
They all jumped out of a rotten potato,
'Twas enough to make a man stare.

I am sure it was enough to make a man stare.  Thoroughly confused.

Moving on...

We bought the Puj Tub for L's infant bath tub.
I have to say I am not a fan.  It calls for a "standard sink," so I guess that is why we didn't like it.  Our sink is wide and shallow.  Because the tub has drains on the sides, it was a constant struggle to maintain the water level and temperature.  She was always slipping down and reaching for the hot/cold water handles.  Bath time was anything, but relaxing. 

We recently purchased the Primo EuroBath

It is $24.99 versus $39.99 for the Puj Tub and will last until L is 24 months.  When I first saw it online, I was a little skeptical, but it received excellent reviews.  I went to the store to purchase it and the salesman on the floor told me they are constantly restocking it.  Got me! Hook, line, and sinker!  We have used it a few times and are big fans.  L loves bath time now and so do we!  I no longer have a fear of her turning on the scalding hot water without me noticing.

Along with the Primo bath, I would purchase the Safety 1st Comfy Bath Cushion for sponge baths the first few weeks.
It is only $8.49.  I had trouble finding it multiple places online, but saw it on the floor at BabiesRUs.  Combining the cost of the two, it is still cheaper than the Puj and will last you 0-24 months.

Happy Rub-a-Dub-Dub...avoid the three men part though!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Awkward Prego Moment 6

One of my strict rules for electronic communication is that I don't overuse LOL.  I only use it if I am ACTUALLY laughing out loud.  That being said, the story below made me LOL :)

"I was visiting my in-laws about halfway through my pregnancy to pick out baby bedding fabric. I was over at my in-law's house and my father-in-law was commenting on how large I was getting. 'You're just growing so much! You're belly is filling out and your breasts are are so much bigger!' Yes, that's right, my father-in-law commented on the size of my boobs. The moment proceeded to get even better when my mother-in-law gave him a horrified look and said 'That's so inappropriate. Don't be rude! How would you like it if someone commented on the size of your package?' To which he replied, 'Well I think I'd like it.'"

Hope you are all LOLing!  Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and soon-to-be-fathers out there! 

Please email your awkward pregnant stories.  Click here to read other awkward pregnant moments.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Helpful Tidbits

When you go to your 24-28 week doctor's appointment for the glucose test, ask the doctor if you can pour the "orange drink" over ice.  It goes down much smoother.  Also, bring a carb snack for when the test is completed in case you feel a bit shaky or nauseated.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Awkward Prego Moment 5

Have a wonderful weekend!  I leave you with a goodie this Friday afternoon!

"I officially announced my pregnancy at work and a male co-worker says, 'I knew you were pregnant, you were looking sick.  I mean really green.'  When he saw my look of shock he follows it up with, 'It's ok.  My wife shaved her head when she was pregnant.'  Um...ok???  Later in my pregnancy he said, "I can't believe there is only one in there'  Um..Thanks"


Please share your awkward pregnant stories here and read more of these here.

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My Second Husband

I am not sure why people think the sleepless nights begin with the baby coming.  Pregnancy is your lack-of-sleep training for the marathon you encounter when the baby comes.  Before L was here, I didn't sleep through the night, but maybe twice, my entire pregnancy.  It was a constant struggle to figure out the formula of how much water to drink right before bed to minimize the midnight bathroom runs. 

While everyone experiences the rapidly filling bladder while pregnant, I was lucky enough not to have too much back pain.  I have had a couple friends that have lost sleep from the back pain, so I asked them for their opinions on maternity pillows.  Their comments are below...

Snoogle Total Body Pillow

"I bought the snoogle body pillow and it has SAVED my life!!!!!! This baby sits low and so I have had a lot of back pain and trouble sleeping from early on. This pillow let's me sleep all night! Miracle!!" - Katie
"I would love to share my experience with my '2nd Husband,' the Today's Mom Coolmax Pregnancy Pillow.  I guess I was complaining a little too much about my back hurting at night because one afternoon I got an email from my husband with a link to the 'Today's Mom Coolmax Pregnancy Pillow' and the words - 'That’s Right! You got one headed your way!'  When I opened the link I was immediately horrified by what I saw ... it was the largest, not too mention most expensive, pillow I had ever seen in my life.  I loved my husband for trying to help me out but what was I going to do with this HUGE pillow?  Well, three months later ... and one week before my due date ... I'm still snuggling with my '2nd Husband' every night ...  he is so large, it's like having another person in bed with us...but it really does a nice job of supporting my large, heavy belly and as much as I toss and turn every night, it's nice to not have to wrestle with putting a pillow under my tummy every time I roll over.  There have been a few nights where I felt like I was drowning amongst the pillow and tossed him to the floor ... but we always made up and were back together the next night.  The product claims to keep you cool at night and have a 'coolmax' effect ... I'm not really sure I've experienced this .... so if that's what you're looking for you might look somewhere else.  Also, I have to do some fancy maneuvering every time I get in and out of bed to use the restroom ... which at times can be super annoying!  Overall, I would not categorize this product as a 'pregnancy must have' but I have enjoyed it and it's a great conversation piece when people see it laying on our bed!!" - Emily

Boppy also makes a couple maternity pillows that get rave reviews online.  Since I am a huge fan of the Bopster family, I am sure these are great too.

If you are desperate to get a good night sleep, might want to give one of these a try!  Don't these models look so happy and content?!?!  Thanks Emily and Katie for your input!

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Luella and June Inspired

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT:  The "Pregnant ≠ Paisley" post has been the most popular post so far!  I hear ya!  The maternity options out there can be pretty depressing.  I am introducing a new series of posts thanks to my friends at Luella and June.  They are giving me a heads up on their trend alerts, so I can research to the end of the internet looking for maternity clothes that reflect the current trend. Just because you can't shop at your favorite stores, doesn't mean you can't be trendy!  Look for the "Luella and June Inspired" posts going forward.

Here is one for today!

Luella and June: FEELING FLORAL

Floral Dress
3 Floral Button Down - Luella and June's fave
4 Blue Floral Top

What do you think of this new idea?

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward Prego Moments 4

Hope everyone is having a great day!  Here is today's story...

"Strangely enough, even after 3 times, I never had anything awkward that stands out to me other than the time I was 8 or 9 months prego with #2 at Kohl’s in Weatherford, trying to corral #1 at the check out, and these 2 ladies in line RIGHT behind me had the following convo (as if I could not hear any of it):

1st Rude Woman:  OH. MY. GAWD.  Look at her belly!

2nd Rude Woman:  Oh my Gawd.  She is bout to drop that sack o’ potatoes any minute, like maybe right here in this store!

1st Rude Woman:  I just never got that big.  Do you think it’s twins?  It must be.  And here we are approaching summertime in Texas.  Poor, poor girl.

2nd Rude Woman:  It’s a shame her husband’s not helping her with the shoppin’.  If she has one.

At this point I turned around and stared a pretty big hole in both of them, and they shut up.  I realize I get a big pregnant belly, so SUE ME for growing large children!!" - Erin

Please share your awkward pregnant stories here and read the other Awkward Prego Moments here.

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Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder

An expectant mother due in one week asked me about nursing bras.  I quickly bumped it up the priority list based on her due date!  Let me know if you are seeking any advice before your due date.  I can do my best to answer or post your question on the blog for other mothers to answer.

I went a little too crazy on the nursing bras before L got here.  I bought three!  When I got home from the hospital, realized they were all too small.  A “boulder” holder is definitely the right term after your baby comes!   My sweet mother-in-law was kind enough to exchange them for me.  After a few weeks, I realized I hardly wore any of them.  When nursing, you sleep in a bra (or I did), and the nursing bras were not comfortable. 

I would recommend buying 2-3 of the tank bras from Gap Body or Victoria’s Secret

Go up a size or two from your current bra to be safe.  In my opinion, better too big than too small.  Remember you will be wearing nursing pads or gold catchers underneath them, so it is ok if there is a little extra room.  They worked great in the middle of the night because you could maneuver them around easily without having to take them completely off (Apologies if that is TMI).

I did not buy any of the nursing tanks or shirts and didn't really miss them either.  I don't think they are necessary.

Side note – If you have purchased one of the hands-free breast pumps, they hook on to the nursing bras.  You will need to buy one if you will be using this feature.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Awkward Prego Moments 3

The "Awkward Prego Moments" have been extremely popular!  Please submit your awkward/funny prego stories here to keep up the fun :)

"I went to tell my witch of a principal at the school I worked at that I was pregnant and she said 'I thought you were.  I could tell from your arms and your back!' You know, the two places you start showing at 10 weeks pregnant?  What a witch!"


Click here to see other awkward prego stories

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Billy Madison

Adult classes always make me feel like Billy Madison. 

I have to reprogram myself to sit quietly in an uncomfortable chair and raise my hand.  At least, unlike Adam Sandler, I am among other adults where it is not "cool to pee your pants."

Many hospitals offer classes to take before the baby comes.  I like to mentally prepare myself for most things in life.  For some reason, this did not ring true for labor and delivery.  I opted not to take the class.  I had no desire whatsoever to watch someone else having a baby on a video.   This is completely and 100% a personal choice.  It just was not for me, but recommend going if you think it will put you at ease.  I decided to let the doctor and nurses walk me through as I went.  My friends would laugh at me when I would say, "I think I am just gonna wing it." 

Having said all of this, I DID take other classes offered and highly recommend them.  Here are some that my hospital offered:

  • Baby Basics - My husband and I went to this one together.  Neither of us had ever changed a diaper, swaddled, or fed a baby before.  Practicing on a doll is a lot different than the real thing, but baby steps (no pun intended) help.
  • Breastfeeding - I was a little wary of this one.  The stuffed practice boobs in the class definitely tested my maturity level (same as the real name of the Gold Catchers), but my doctor recommended I take this one.  Low and behold, breastfeeding can be a lot harder than I thought.  As one of my expecting friends said, "I thought you just popped a boob, slapped the baby on there, and you were good to go."  Not so much!  This class tells you what to expect and give you tons of helpful hints.  The most beneficial part for me was the instructor explaining the best way to store up milk for when I went back to work.   
  • Infant Child/Safety and CPR - The hospital did offer this class, but one of my mommy friends had the great idea to have a small dinner party with our other expecting couple friends and have an instructor teach us CPR and Child safety after dinner.  I have not had to use the baby choking rescue procedure, but many friends have.  I am very glad to have this in my arsenal and ready to go just in case.
Apologies I don't have a review on the labor and delivery class.  Did any of you attend?  Did you find it helpful?

Helful Hint:  Someone gave me the good advice to wait and take these classes in my third trimester so all the tips were fresh in my brain.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Awkward Prego Moments 2

I have received some great prego stories already!  Please keep sending them to me.  They are really making me laugh.

Here is today's for you...Enjoy!

"When I was pregnant with my first, I had the worst pimple outbreak I had ever had.  I thought I had covered it up pretty well with my makeup, but I guess not.  My mother-in-law introduced me and said, 'This is my daughter-in-law.  She doesn't normally look like this.'"


Keep em comin'!

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Put a Boogie in it

Ok, ok. The subject line is a lame way to introduce the next product.  From the grade school joke: How do you make a kleenex dance?  Put a boogie in it.  Hee hee...moving on...

Dirty diapers didn't get me, the umbilical cord came close, but boogies were, by far, the hardest for me to handle.  People say when it is your own kid, these things won't gross you out.  Not so much in this department.  The old school nose sucker just wasn't cutting it.  L and I worth both miserable.  She was crying and I was gagging.  The suction is not strong at all and L would scream and move her head when I would try to use it.

L had one small cold before someone told me about the Nosefrida.  It was a gamechanger!

Yes, it is more expensive, but it is well worth it!  It ACTUALLY clears out the nose, is easy to clean (dishwasher safe), is a very quick process, and L doesn't mind it one bit.  The idea of it is a little nauseating...I almost don't want to explain it.  Just look at the picture above and know that nothing even gets close to the red mouth piece (that's right, I said mouth piece).  I promise after one use, you get over that part and will love it too!  No matter what product you use, boogies are gross.  The Nosefrida makes it a much more manageable and efficient process.  When L is up in the middle of the night because she can't breathe, I am very thankful I have it.

When to use:  Birth - 3 years
Where to buy:, Amazon, Target, BabiesRUs, Local Stores

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Awkward Prego Moments

In order to mentally prepare all you ladies for pregnancy, there is something you should know:  People will react to you in the most awkward ways. 

Strangers offer advice, comment on they way you are carrying, or even touch your tummy.  I would like to start a series of awkward/funny/unbelievable prego posts, but need your help.  Please email me with stories that you have.  I will post them anonymously (unless you ask me to sign your name).

I will start us off with one I heard from someone to give you an idea...

The workplace and pregnancy aren't a good combo.  It is NOT ok for a male coworker to pretend he is going to try and deliver your baby by rolling up his sleeves every time he sees you and saying "Alright, lets do this!"   How are you supposed to react...lay down in a labor-ready position? 

YEP, true story!

Please share your stories too...I know you have some great ones!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pregnant ≠ Paisley

Why is it that when you get pregnant your clothes options look more like Gap circa-1990 than anything remotely close to current trends?  Pregnant paisley, florals, and polka dots, but that seems to be your only option...Exhibit A and B

On top of that, they all seem to be more than anyone wants to spend on temporary clothes.  I became increasingly frustrated with my lack of options when I was pregnant with L.  Not only do you feel fat, but everyone tells you to get over it, "You are pregnant, you are supposed to get big."  We are all girls and no matter what stage of life we are in, we want to look and feel cute!

Well, hopefully, I can help you prego ladies out!  I was reading my go-to fashion blog, Luella and June, and got motivated by their "color pops" post to scour the internet for some cute, affordable maternity clothes.  I had some luck! Today's post is short and sweet, but crossing my fingers you find something that makes you look and feel cute that you may have not found otherwise!

I am going to continue to post my favorite maternity fashion finds, so check back periodically.

PS - I would, also, definitely try Gap Maternity and Ann Taylor Maternity.  Gap even has a maternity section in some stores, so you can try it on instead of dealing with shipping and returns.  Call your local Gap and see.

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$ave $ome $crilla: Date Night

My husband and I can be a bit thrifty especially when it comes to babysitters.  We only like to hire one when we have exhausted our family members and really NEED one for a scheduled event.  I hate my brain for working like this sometimes, but after paying $30 for a sitter, I add it to the cost of my meal and think, "Man, that was not a $35 cheeseburger I just ate."

After a few months post-baby, we noticed that we were living under the same roof, but hardly sat down and actually had a conversation.   We were on diaper duty, preparing bottles, etc.  Early on in our marriage, we always thought getting out of the house just the two of us and having an uninterrupted conversation was important.  As mentioned before, the dilemma is that we are cheap (oops, did I say cheap, I meant thrifty) and it now costs us double to go to dinner.

YAHTZEE!  The date night idea was born.

We asked some of our friends, with a baby just about L's age, to establish a date night swap.  We trade off babysitting each other's baby.  It works out great!  Each couple picks out one date a month that works.  We go to their house to babysit and bring L with us so they can enjoy some adult beverages and not have to drive their little nugget home.  When we go to their house, we grab some take out and have our own little date night while they are out.  Everyone wins!  Two date nights a month, improved communication, and $60 richer!

Try it out with some of you baby friends.  Let me know what you think.  I wish you more luck than Tina Fey and Steve Carrell!

*Note - The only thing a little tricky about this is we have to wake L up to get back home...It is not ideal, but she goes back to sleep pretty quickly when we lay her in her crib.  I would recommend waiting until your baby is about 3 months or older to start this.  That is when L's bed time moved to around 7-730, so we could put her down and all our friends had to do was be an able body in case something went wrong.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Liquid Gold

WARNING:  If nursing at all weirds you out, then do not continue reading.

This post will be most helpful to you if you plan on storing up milk, referred to in my home as liquid gold (LG), for returning to work.  I was under the wrong impression that it was relatively easy to stock up on LG based on one friend's experience, so did not make it a huge priority.  (This may not at all apply to you...I know some people that have donated their LG because they had such an abundant supply)  When I headed back to work, we depleted the entire freezer supply in a week, and I was frantic to keep up with L's feedings after that.  Having to increase the number of the pump sessions in the bathroom at work was no easy task.  It was always fun when people would come into the bathroom and ask "what is that noise" forcing me to discuss it with faceless strangers in the next stall..."Good for you sweetie!  Keep it up."  Anyways,  L started demanding more food as she was growing, and I had to begin supplementing formula sooner than I wanted to. 

LG began to be a hot commodity.  If we accidentally spilled some, my eyes would fill up with tears.  The term "pump and dump" that I would so casually tell my other friends to do after a big night on the town before L was born was no longer uttered. 

I recalled hearing about a product when L was only a couple weeks, but didn't purchase it.  BIG MISTAKE! It would have helped so much and I wish I would have started using it right away!  Please know I hate the name of it . It really tests my maturity level and make my want to giggle like a school girl.  Trust me though, you need to buy one...


This product is so genius I can't believe it was not invented sooner.  The naked truth is when you are nursing, you can leak any time during the day and when nursing on one side, the other leaks.  You can wear your Milkies (cue school girl giggle) all the time or just when you are nursing.  They catch the otherwise wasted LG.  You can store up to 3-10 additional ounces in a day, if not more.  It was recommended to me not to start pumping until L was 4 weeks old, but this provides a way to start storing right away.

You can search their site for a location that sells it near you.  They also sell it on Amazon and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Side note - A little advice on storing up...I would only use your freezer supply when you absolutely have to.  Before I knew how hard storing was going to be, we would use it carelessly and wastefully.  Treat it like the liquid gold that it is :) 

Can we come up with a new name to call this product?  Any ideas?  Gold Catcher?

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Preachin' the Baby Wise

On Becoming Baby Wise: Give your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep by Gary Ezzo and Robert Buckman

When to use:  Read within 3 months of delivery…any sooner, you will forget by the time the baby comes…I referenced it multiple times after L was here.

I know the old school generation rolls their eyes at all the parenting books out there.  I have to admit, they do have a point.  There are a ton of them! I found the more I read, the less I knew.  There is so much conflicting information especially about establishing a sleep routine.  

Having said that, I think that our generation has always had easy access to information.  We are used to googling whatever question we might have and instantly having the answer.  I wanted one source for reference to keep it simple.  I found that the Baby Wise (BW) book worked very well for us.  I found it the simplest to read and it gave me a great structure to start with.  The basic premise is sleep, eat, play and repeat.  

I followed the book pretty closely and L has been a really easy baby so far...She slept through the night around 8-10 weeks and has only woken up twice in the night since I went back to work 4 months ago.  Would she be the same way if we would not have followed the BW method?  Who can say for sure?  What I will say is when we have a day when the BW routine is off for whatever reason, L is a mess.   So, now, I am a preacher of the Babywise.

Looking back, there are a few times I felt frustrated with BW.  Here is a heads up to help ease any of your own frustrations:

  • Around 6-8 weeks all of my BW following friends (including myself) had major issues with naps...The babies just quit sleeping during the day and were crying a lot more.  Although the book  pretty much is right-on for other things, I could not find a place in the book that explained nap disruption very clearly.  I was about to ditch BW all together.  This phase passed, and I am pretty sure she was having one of her first major growth spurts.  Hang in there!  It only lasted 3 days or so with L.  They were rough for me, but they passed and we got back to the BW routine.
  • Nap times are still hard to master exactly the way BW explains it.  L is now 6.5 months and I do the best I can.  It seems to work fine. 
  • It took until about 10 weeks until L was waking up happy (not crying).  I think she just needed time to trust her surroundings and know that I would come get her when it was time to wake up.  Now she sits quietly in her crib when she wakes up. 
I will say I have only read and implemented the first book in the BW series.  I have read the pre-toodler BW and will keep you posted on the implementation of it.
Let me know if you have any other questions about BW...I am happy to help!  I have also referenced a great blog called Chronicles of a Babywise Mom.

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