Monday, June 13, 2011

Awkward Prego Moments

In order to mentally prepare all you ladies for pregnancy, there is something you should know:  People will react to you in the most awkward ways. 

Strangers offer advice, comment on they way you are carrying, or even touch your tummy.  I would like to start a series of awkward/funny/unbelievable prego posts, but need your help.  Please email me with stories that you have.  I will post them anonymously (unless you ask me to sign your name).

I will start us off with one I heard from someone to give you an idea...

The workplace and pregnancy aren't a good combo.  It is NOT ok for a male coworker to pretend he is going to try and deliver your baby by rolling up his sleeves every time he sees you and saying "Alright, lets do this!"   How are you supposed to react...lay down in a labor-ready position? 

YEP, true story!

Please share your stories too...I know you have some great ones!

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