Friday, June 17, 2011

Luella and June Inspired

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT:  The "Pregnant ≠ Paisley" post has been the most popular post so far!  I hear ya!  The maternity options out there can be pretty depressing.  I am introducing a new series of posts thanks to my friends at Luella and June.  They are giving me a heads up on their trend alerts, so I can research to the end of the internet looking for maternity clothes that reflect the current trend. Just because you can't shop at your favorite stores, doesn't mean you can't be trendy!  Look for the "Luella and June Inspired" posts going forward.

Here is one for today!

Luella and June: FEELING FLORAL

Floral Dress
3 Floral Button Down - Luella and June's fave
4 Blue Floral Top

What do you think of this new idea?

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