Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward Prego Moments 4

Hope everyone is having a great day!  Here is today's story...

"Strangely enough, even after 3 times, I never had anything awkward that stands out to me other than the time I was 8 or 9 months prego with #2 at Kohl’s in Weatherford, trying to corral #1 at the check out, and these 2 ladies in line RIGHT behind me had the following convo (as if I could not hear any of it):

1st Rude Woman:  OH. MY. GAWD.  Look at her belly!

2nd Rude Woman:  Oh my Gawd.  She is bout to drop that sack o’ potatoes any minute, like maybe right here in this store!

1st Rude Woman:  I just never got that big.  Do you think it’s twins?  It must be.  And here we are approaching summertime in Texas.  Poor, poor girl.

2nd Rude Woman:  It’s a shame her husband’s not helping her with the shoppin’.  If she has one.

At this point I turned around and stared a pretty big hole in both of them, and they shut up.  I realize I get a big pregnant belly, so SUE ME for growing large children!!" - Erin

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