Tuesday, June 21, 2011

$ave $ome $crilla: Smock-tions

This one goes out to everyone (except my friends that refuse to open facebook accounts)...mothers, expecting mothers, grandparents, fathers, aunts, uncles, and friends. 

I know I have mentioned I am cheap (shoot!  I mean thrifty) before.  Shopping, in general, is always a challenge.  I talk myself out of buying everything before I make it to the register.  It took me three trips to the same boutique during college to buy my first pair of designer jeans.  I almost broke into a cold sweat when they swiped my card. 

This is not a good quality when I want to go splurge on a precious outfit for L at the local specialty shop, and it is $70.  She may wear it twice?!?! 

Well, my friends, the cold sweats at the register can stop!  The newest craze on facebook is Smocked Auctions.  They hold auctions weekly and sell baby clothes at half the price.  Not to mention, if you (like me), love the rush of rolling the dice at the craps table, this is for you!  You must go and "like" their page on facebook to be able to participate.  Each page instructs you on how and when to bid on their items.  They have mostly smocked items, but have other things as well.  Here are a couple I have really liked: Smocked Auctions, Smock it to Me, and Rocking Smocking (the third one just started, so there are less people to compete with ;) )

Happy Smocking (just don't bid on the items I want...jk)!!!! 

Just received this item from Smocked Auctions!  Precious!

Back View
Front View
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Smocked Auctions said...

Janann, we are thrilled you are finding great deals with us! We are are happy to keep dressing "L" in darling outfits for a great price :) LOVE your blog!!

Amy and Nicole

It's a Smocked World said...

We are a brand new auction site and would love for you to join us on Wednesday nights at 8 pm CST.


It's a Smocked World
Julie and Jaime

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