Thursday, June 23, 2011

Survivor 23: Su Casa

L lived in our room for 8 weeks before we moved her to the nursery. We slowly accumulated the bare essentials in our bedroom, so we didn’t have to tromp across the house in the middle of the night in the dark. I wanted to share a list of said things so you will know what needs to be ready come go-time. Unlike Survivor on CBS, no one is voted off the island! You must complete the challenge. No room for error :)

BABY SHOWER GIFT ALERT: It would be a cute idea to buy some of these things for a shower and put them in a basket as their "First 6-weeks survival kit."
1.  The Boppy and Boppy Slipcovers - Probably want to have one extra slip cover handy when "things happen" (I will just leave it at that, no need to get descriptive) in the middle of the night.

2. Sheets for crib/cradle/moses basket/bassinet  - I would have about 4 extra of sheets for whatever you have decided upon for the baby's first bed.  Before you become an expert diaper changer, "things happen."

3.  Swaddle Blankets - Aden and Anais blankets come in sets of 4.  8 blankets should be plenty.

4.  Laundry Basket - a quick place to dump stuff when "things happen."

5.  Dreft- this is not so much for middle of the night type thing, but you will want to have this gentle baby detergent on hand when "things happen."

6.  Trumpette Socks - these socks actually stay on and they are super cute! They make a variety of styles.  If you do not have any mitten cuff shirts handy, they can also be used as mittens while they sleep.

7.  Gerber T-Shirts - Buy at least 4 for when "things happen."

8.  Vitamins - Check with your pediatrician on what they recommend before the baby comes.  You can have it ready so you don't have to make an extra trip to the grocery store in those first few days.

9.  Mylicon - This is recommended when babies have gas pains.  I would say most babies do at some point.  Like #8, check with your pediatrician on what they recommend. 

10.  Pacifiers -  You will have to figure out which pacifier your baby prefers.  Helpful Hint - Pacifiers come in sizes according to age.  Be sure to check the packaging when purchasing.

11/12. Diaper Dekor/Diaper Genie - We really LOVE the Diaper Dekor.  Have bag refills ready to go as well.

13/14.  Diaper Changing Pad/Diaper Caddy - Both of these make it easy to setup a mini changing station in your room.

15.  Diapers (duh!) - We preferred the Pampers Swaddlers.  Helpful Hint - This may seem obvious to some, but there is a Newborn (NB) size and a size 1.  They are different.

16.  Wipes - Be sure to buy at least one that comes with the plastic wipe holder (as pictured).  You can store the wipes you are using in there and they won't dry out. We didn't care for the ones that said "thick" wipes.  Just the standard Pampers Sensitive Wipes worked best for us.

17. Burp Cloths - Babies spit up.  That is a fact.

18.Lanolin - If you are nursing, definitely want this close by at all times!

If you have all these things, it should be a piece of cake ;)  Any other suggestions from other moms?

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Sydney said...

Love reading your blog at all hours of the day...especially after my dear daughter, gets me up and it's 3 am! Anyway, just a couple other things that I could not be without while raising "AG" are those Gerber brand NUK nursing pads. They are thin so they don't add poof to the bra, and they are absorbent for the leaks :) The other thing, our wonderful pediatrician recommended, is for diaper rashes. It's called "Bag balm" and is kind of like vaseline, but was originally made for cow udders (I know, weird and gross, but I SWEAR it works, better than some of the other stuff out there that I have tried). Anywho, thanks for all your helpful advice!

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