Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet Sophie

A while back, my friends and I were discussing Starbucks.  As shallow as this sounds we decided that we felt pretty cool walking out of our local Starbucks with the official Starbucks cup.  You know the feeling, right?  I mean celebrity superstars can afford many things I can’t even dream of buying, but I can afford the $4 coffee they drink.

Don’t even get me started on the red holiday cups and how excited I get when they roll around.  It has fallen in line with stockings, Christmas trees, lights and carols as must have to get the full feeling of the Christmas spirit.

Well, there is a person (or thing) in the baby department that falls into the Starbucks category.  You must meet Sophie.  When I met her, I was skeptical and thought, “She’s cute, but has a high price tag”  Once I got to know her, I realized she was so much more!  She squeals with delight when squeezed by L which gives our poor cat, Cleo, some relief in this department.  She became L’s (and my) new best friend. She soothes L at times of need.  She provides entertainment for L on road trips.  She is carried around by the coolest of celebrity tots.  Alas, meet Sophie!

Sophie has actually been around since the 1960s in France, but just started making waves in the US a few years ago.  She was rejected from many retailers because of her high price tag.  Finally, Helene Dumoulin-Montgomery was able to find a Beverly Hills boutique to sell her giraffe and place her in celebrity baby baskets.  Sophie took off from there and can be found at multiple retailers across the country. (information gathered from this article in the LA times)

Her price of around $20 is quite high compared to her $3 competitors.  In my opinion, she is absolutely worth it!  I am convinced that the teething process is the worst through infancy.  You all need to appreciate each one of your teeth because you earned them!  Sophie is the ONLY teething toy L will chew on and it instantly calms her down.   Children’s Tylenol and Sophie are my prefect formula for teething.  I realized how dependent we had become on Sophie when we could not find her one weekend.  I tore the house up looking for her.  L and I both missed our new friend terribly. 

Sophie is such a genius, well thought out product.  The reason she has been the most popular girl in pre-school is because she appeals to all 5 senses (taken from description on Sears):

Sight: From birth to 3 months, a babys eyesight is usually limited to high contrasts. The attention-catching spots all over Sophie the Giraffes body provide visual stimulation and is easily recognizable object to reassure and comfort.

Hearing: Sophie the Giraffe's happy little squeak keeps baby amused, stimulates hearing and helps baby understand the link between cause and effect.

Taste: Sophie the Giraffe is made of 100% natural rubber and food paint and is completely safe to chew. The soft texture and many chewable parts (ears, horns, legs) make her perfect for soothing babys sore gums during teething.

Smell: The singular scent of natural rubber from the Hevea tree makes Sophie the Giraffe very special and easy for your child to identify from all the other toys.

Touch: Touch is the first means a baby has of communicating with the outside world.

Definitely register for Sophie or buy her for your friend at the next baby shower.  Your baby can look like these celeb tots as you sip on your Starbucks…throw on some oversized sunglasses and a hat and people may just mistake you both for celebrities…

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Emily said...

Okay were you at happy hour with Courtney and I yesterday. We had this same discussion. Because I was saying how I could not even think of spending the 20 plus on a silly plastic giraffe. She...being around your child told me all about it. She also claimed that she would buy it for my kid since I wont! HA how funny that we had this same discussion just yesterday.

Fine guess I'll give in and buy one for our kid...well I'll register for sure and hope to get it. HA

Jordan said...

Sophie was the toy of choice on Three Men and a Little Lady back in the day as well! WE love ours!

Tony and Beth said...

If you have a relative that lives in France, like we are lucky to have, Sophie is only 5 Euros! Cheaper to buy there and send it over!

Simple Mom said...

Emily, that is so funny yall were just talking about that! I thought the same thing when we saw the price tag, but she is the best! Jordan, I loved that movie! I will have to rewatch to see Miss Sophie! Tony and Beth, what a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion!

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