Friday, July 8, 2011

Funny Friday

Wow!  This was a quick week! Fewer days and double the work!

On this Funny Friday, I would live to share some funny baby products!

Donald Trump baby wig
this can be yours from Baby Toupee

Peekaru Original (more shocking than the picture is the $80 price tage)
this can be yours from Togetherbe

Billy Bob Pacifier
this can be yours from Amazon

 Hope you all have a great weekend!  L has started making a new funny face I thought I would share with you:


Emily said...

I love little L's new face...she is too cute! Oh and the news is out I feel so much better not lying to the world. HA

Simple Mom said...

Glad you were able to officially announce! It is such a relief to finally tell.

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