Monday, August 29, 2011

The Evolution of Toys

It is really hard to know exactly when and how the different baby gear is used when you are standing in a baby store, so you register for it all!  Your house looks more like something out of Chuck E Cheese than a home (not sure if you have seen Chuck E Cheese in the news lately, but it certainly attracts some people you wouldn't want in or around your home). 

My mom made the comment when I was registering that so many of the baby products are more for the adults than the baby.  She was referring to this baby spa bath tub thing at the time. I have found her comment to be true about a lot of products out there. 

Through the different stages of L's infancy we found we had one go-to toy for each stage.  I wanted to share with you these toys over a series of posts.  There is no need to have more than one of these types of toys per stage.  The biggest thing in common with most toys is the musical part.  L really seemed to react when we played music.

Stage 1 - We used this before L could roll over, around 6 weeks - 4 months - Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym

There are so many different activity mats with themes.  They are very easy to move from room to room.  She loved hearing the music and watching the mobile, but have the replacement batteries ready to go because the mobile drains them quickly.  Here is L in action!

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