Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I love hosting showers for my friends, but I dread being on the initial email chains.  The reply alls get a little cumbersome.  Trying to select a date is overwhelming especially when there are lots of host-i (my plural version of hostess, just seems easier to say) .  Plus, the lead hostess ends up in an awkward position having to pick a date someone is unable to attend. 

I am about to give you a fabulous gift freeing you from said email chains and allowing the lead hostess to use the simple majority rules philosophy when selecting the date.  I was introduced to it a few weeks ago and it is my new love!  I give you DOODLE...

Doodle lets you easily set up polls to send to your fellow host-i to check the dates that work best for them.   I use it for all sorts of things...girls night out, trips, showers, meetings, etc...The administrator of the poll enters their own email address and Doodle sends them a link to share with the fellow host-i.  It takes at most two minutes to setup.  Everyone selects the dates they are available without having to open a Doodle account.  Best of all, it is a FREE service!  Here is an example of what your poll will end up looking like:

Free your inbox from the flooding of reply alls and use doodle!

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