Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wonder Woman # 2

To continue my Wonder Woman series, I have asked my friend, Wynne, for her product recommendations for twins.

Wynne has 4 children (that's right, I said FOUR) under the age of 4 and makes it look like a breeze.  I am not sure where she found the time to email me this, but she did!  Her twins are her youngest and here is what she had to say...

Wynne says "I put the JJ Cole Body Support into the BOB (double) seats so I could walk with the babies when they were newborns. Tip: do that instead of adding the car seat adapter that has a 70 page instruction manual to install!"

Wynne says, "I just got a portable swing that folds into nothing for when we travel. This is key because if 1 baby wakes up in the night on vacation they will wake up the other one, solution = swing. We don't leave home without it." ***Keeping it Simple Side Note***  These run around $50-$65 and there are multiple different kinds.

Wynne says, "A friend gave me those little boppy seats and I love them!" (You know Keeping it Simple agrees with this one)

A general nursing tip from her for twins:  "Rent a pump from the hospital. It is so much stronger and faster and with twins you need every minute and every drop of milk you can get!"

Thank you so much for your input, Wynne!  You are the best!

***Keeping it Simple side note*** I read this great story about implementing Babywise (my fave) for twins that you multiple mom's might find useful. 

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