Friday, June 10, 2011

Preachin' the Baby Wise

On Becoming Baby Wise: Give your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep by Gary Ezzo and Robert Buckman

When to use:  Read within 3 months of delivery…any sooner, you will forget by the time the baby comes…I referenced it multiple times after L was here.

I know the old school generation rolls their eyes at all the parenting books out there.  I have to admit, they do have a point.  There are a ton of them! I found the more I read, the less I knew.  There is so much conflicting information especially about establishing a sleep routine.  

Having said that, I think that our generation has always had easy access to information.  We are used to googling whatever question we might have and instantly having the answer.  I wanted one source for reference to keep it simple.  I found that the Baby Wise (BW) book worked very well for us.  I found it the simplest to read and it gave me a great structure to start with.  The basic premise is sleep, eat, play and repeat.  

I followed the book pretty closely and L has been a really easy baby so far...She slept through the night around 8-10 weeks and has only woken up twice in the night since I went back to work 4 months ago.  Would she be the same way if we would not have followed the BW method?  Who can say for sure?  What I will say is when we have a day when the BW routine is off for whatever reason, L is a mess.   So, now, I am a preacher of the Babywise.

Looking back, there are a few times I felt frustrated with BW.  Here is a heads up to help ease any of your own frustrations:

  • Around 6-8 weeks all of my BW following friends (including myself) had major issues with naps...The babies just quit sleeping during the day and were crying a lot more.  Although the book  pretty much is right-on for other things, I could not find a place in the book that explained nap disruption very clearly.  I was about to ditch BW all together.  This phase passed, and I am pretty sure she was having one of her first major growth spurts.  Hang in there!  It only lasted 3 days or so with L.  They were rough for me, but they passed and we got back to the BW routine.
  • Nap times are still hard to master exactly the way BW explains it.  L is now 6.5 months and I do the best I can.  It seems to work fine. 
  • It took until about 10 weeks until L was waking up happy (not crying).  I think she just needed time to trust her surroundings and know that I would come get her when it was time to wake up.  Now she sits quietly in her crib when she wakes up. 
I will say I have only read and implemented the first book in the BW series.  I have read the pre-toodler BW and will keep you posted on the implementation of it.
Let me know if you have any other questions about BW...I am happy to help!  I have also referenced a great blog called Chronicles of a Babywise Mom.

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Tessa said...

Hi Janann, love the new blog! We are trying to follow babywise for Grant - 4 weeks, 2 days old -- I agree with you about the napping thing! We assumed that if the feedings were between 2.5 and 3 hours from 2-4 weeks, we would just let him be awake until he was tired (yawned), then soothe him to sleep, then wake him up at the 3 hour mark. Our goal was a 1-1.5 hour nap between each feeding but sometimes he goes 40 minutes, others 2 hours, then when he goes through a fussy stage of the day no nap!. Did you let L wake up naturally or did you wake her up at the 3 hour mark if she went that long between feedings (3.5 hours from 5-8 weeks, etc.)??

Hope that makes sense!

Simple Mom said...

Hi Tessa! So happy you are enjoying the blog! Congrats on the newest addition to your family.

Yes, makes perfect sense! BW definitely made me feel like a failure in the nap department for a while. I never knew what to do if L woke up early. BW said to let them cry it out for 15-20 minutes, but that was absolute torture for me. I would let her cry for only 5 minutes, then go in and soothe her (tried not to pick her up) and let her try to get back to sleep until time to feed again. If she was really crying hard, I would just bring her in the room with me, plop her on her boppy lounger, and just keep it quiet until time for the next feeding.

Around 10 weeks, I got stricter about letting her cry it out. I went 1.5 hour in crib and 1.5 hour out. After a week, it worked perfectly!! She sometimes still wakes up mid nap, but doesn't cry. She puts herself back to sleep after 15 minutes or so.

Sorry for the extra long reply...hope it helped! Definitely refer to that babywise blog I posted...Other mom's post their stories and it really helped me!

Simple Mom said...

Apologies, I got off on my BW tangent and didn't really answer your question. For a while, we would wake her up to eat, but decided later to let her sleep until she woke naturally (unless we had to go somewhere or it was time for us to go to bed).

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