Friday, June 24, 2011

Funny Friday

Happy Friday to you all!  I hope you have fantastic things planned.

I am starting a Funny Friday series in hopes to kick off your weekend with a bang!

Awkward Prego Story

This is actually more of a post-prego story, but still awkward nonetheless.

"I was already back to work and pumping had become routine. I always brought my supplies and a kitchen towel to dry them before the next pumping. I had the supplies laid out on my credenza drying when my boss came in my office and asked me if I was having breathing problems. He thought the udders were inhalers!!" - Sarah

Pregnancy Photos

In case you decide to have a pregnancy photo shoot, I have a couple of ideas for you below.

How do you think they got the wind to blow right at the right moment?

Photo courtesy of

How on earth did they find eachother...Can I get a me-ow?  
Photo courtesy of 

You tube would not let me post it on my blog, but I share with you the link.  Some labor and delivery advice from Dwight... 

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, we did not earn enough likes yesterday for a giveaway, but I know you all will find some great steals through Rocking Smocking. 

UPDATE 2:  For those of you following this blog through my personal facebook, I have created a "Keeping it Simple" page where I will be posting updates now.  Please "like" it if you would to continue receiving Keeping it Simple posts on your news feed.

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