Thursday, June 16, 2011

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder

An expectant mother due in one week asked me about nursing bras.  I quickly bumped it up the priority list based on her due date!  Let me know if you are seeking any advice before your due date.  I can do my best to answer or post your question on the blog for other mothers to answer.

I went a little too crazy on the nursing bras before L got here.  I bought three!  When I got home from the hospital, realized they were all too small.  A “boulder” holder is definitely the right term after your baby comes!   My sweet mother-in-law was kind enough to exchange them for me.  After a few weeks, I realized I hardly wore any of them.  When nursing, you sleep in a bra (or I did), and the nursing bras were not comfortable. 

I would recommend buying 2-3 of the tank bras from Gap Body or Victoria’s Secret

Go up a size or two from your current bra to be safe.  In my opinion, better too big than too small.  Remember you will be wearing nursing pads or gold catchers underneath them, so it is ok if there is a little extra room.  They worked great in the middle of the night because you could maneuver them around easily without having to take them completely off (Apologies if that is TMI).

I did not buy any of the nursing tanks or shirts and didn't really miss them either.  I don't think they are necessary.

Side note – If you have purchased one of the hands-free breast pumps, they hook on to the nursing bras.  You will need to buy one if you will be using this feature.

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Tessa said...

I totally agree! I essentially wear the same spandex-type camisoles everyday -- much more comfortable and you can layer them under another shirt. I bought my camisoles at Anthropologie (black, white and brown).

Simple Mom said...

Thanks for the Anthropologie suggestion Tessa! I lived in pajamas the first few weeks too :)

gibbsc said...

There are also sports bras that zip in the front for easy access (especially tandem nursing twins if anyone is expecting multiples) and comfortable to sleep in too!

Simple Mom said...

Great! Do you by chance know where you bought them? Would love to share the link. Thanks for the comment.

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