Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making Diapers Trendy

In case the blog title had you worried I was going to blog about the denim diapers, don't hold your breath.  These just seems weird to me, anyone else?

When I first saw the commercial, I thought it was one of those Saturday Night Live fake commercials spun off the diaper thong below...

Anywho, moving on...The diaper bag is the one thing you get to buy for YOU during the baby planning process (pumps or nursing supplies don't count bc they are ultimately for the baby)!  It is your accessory and an excuse to buy a new "purse."  Unfortunately, like pregnancy  paisley, diaper bags can be quite cheesy.  Because of this dilemma, I have invited my fashion gurus to pick out some diaper bags that are cute and functional.  They picked out their favorite under $100 bag and one they lust for over $100.  Happy shopping!  Which one is your favorite?

My picks:

Brown Diaper Tote by Pout Baby (less than $100):  I love that this looks like a purse, but it is actually a diaper bag.  The pink stripe adds the perfect feminine touch.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-a-baby Diaper bag (over $100):  I was so excited when I came across this bag.  I have had the regular Pretty Nylon tote for a year now and LOVE it.  They are light-weight, easy to "stuff" places, and come in a variety of colors.  They sell them at so many department stores that you could most certainly find a discount code at retailmenot to get a great deal!


Catherine is not only my best friend, but one the most resourceful shoppers out there.  She does not currently have a blog, but I invited her to contribute.  I very much value her opinion on the fashion world!  (Side not - She gets married in less than 2 WEEKS...YAY!!!)

LL Bean Boat and Tote, Zip Top or Open Top (under $100): On the more affordable side, I think anything monogrammed is adorable, so grabbing a simple tote (open or with a zipper) from LL Bean in the color of your choice, put your kiddo’s name or initials on it, and then add in LL Bean mini tote(s) and/or smaller zip pouches to customize to your needs! 

***Keeping it Simple side note *** It is so funny Catherine picked this out.  My friend, Elizabeth, gave me this as a baby gift and I ran into her last night.  I was telling her what a great bag it was for car travel.  You can stack up TONS of diapers in there and they stay perfectly stacked.  The width is the exact dimension for diapers.

Jon Hart Petite Left Bank (middle of the road $156, Catherine snuck in a third option to share) If you want to stay classic (and sorority girl southern), you can’t go wrong with the ever adorable (and durable!) Jon Hart! This stuff is no-doubt easy to clean!

Storksak Shoulder Diaper Bag Elizabeth (over $100): Storksak makes a great line of bags that all don’t LOOK like Diaper bags… definitely my speed (since I am not yet a mother and “hope” to retain my trendy edge.) 


Annie is co-contributor to the NOW stylebook.  She features her fashion faves and home interior finds.  She always has the most creative ideas!  Her "Wedding Wednesday" posts are always a big hit!

Nine West Lucky Charms Large Tote (under $100):  I adore the utilitarian look of this oversized tote, and think it would make the perfect diaper bag for the on-trend mom.  There's tons of room for storage, including side exterior slip pockets that are perfect stowing away baby gear on the go.

Michael Kors Large Hamilton Tote (over $100):  This bag has the classic look of a Birkin without the pricetag.  Plus, it has plenty of interior pockets for baby bottles, toys, your cell phone, and whatever else a mom may need quick access to.  As an added bonus, it comes in a number of colors, but my personal favorite is the "luggage"as pictured) - it goes with everything! 

***Keeping it Simple side note***Annie and Catherine had the idea to pick out totes that could be used as diaper bags.  This is definitey doable...They make some really cute changing pad sets that you could pick out to match your bag. 


 Bradley is the co-contributor of the ever-popular Luella and June.  Her style boards have been written about on numerous blogs.  She has a fantastic eye for the latest trends and is ALWAYS dressed prefectly down to the smallest detail! You may have seen some of Keeping it Simple's Luella and June inspired posts.

Madison Diaper Bay by Dwell Studios (under $100 or right at ;):  The shape is timeless and functional, and the oversized polka dot print adds just the right amount of whimsy! 

Jamah Nanny Diaper Bag (over $100) - It seems to be the celebrity bag of choice (Brad Pitt was spotted carrying this one!). I love this bag's shape - super classic! It has large pockets in the front where you can keep those essentials you need to grab quickly, plus the long shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag across your body so you can be hands-free! It comes in a variety of colors, but I really like the Vintage color the best. It's a neutral which means the Dad can carry it around too!


The Now said...

Thanks for having me, Janann! The post turned out great =) xo Annie

rocorennieblog.com said...

Annie - the Birkin is so lovely, embarrassed now with my bag at home :)

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Is it wrong that I want all the splurge ones? Loved this!

Simple Mom said...

Not wrong at all Christine! They are all so cute! I hope to do a diaper bag post every few months with each new season.

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