Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wonder Woman # 1

My husband and I were married 4 years before I got pregnant with L.  My in-laws were very patient the first few years and hardly ever pressured us to have children, but we knew they were MORE than ready for grandkids.  Well, my father-in-law had a few cocktails one night and couldn't hold it in any longer.  He told me, "I want you to take some of those fertility drugs and pop out 8 at once.  I want some grandchildren!"  He proceeded to call me the "ocoto-mom" the rest of the night. While I always longed to be Nadya (kidding), I decided not to go through with my father-in-law's plan.

His dream of 8 at once did not come true.  I can offer no advice for those of you execting 2 or more babies.  I reached out to my friends with twins for some baby product advice.  I am going to peridocally feature these multiple moms. 

Wonder Woman # 1 (this is what I have named them because they are so remarkable and have the best outlook) is Gibbs.

Gibbs had twins, went back to work after 3 months, nursed for 8 months, and makes it all look way too easy!  She recommends the following three products:

Gibbs says, "The best book I read for scheduling and helping with other stuff too"

Gibbs says, "There are also sports bras that zip in the front for easy access (especially tandem nursing twins if anyone is expecting multiples) and comfortable to sleep in too!"  ***Keeping it Simple side note*** You can find these anywhere between $15-$50.  Look at sporting goods store near you.

Gibbs says, "I definitely recommend the My Brest Friend Twin nursing pillow for tandem nursing"

General twin advice from Gibbs:  "I think the most important thing for moms who are expecting multiples is to remember it is what you make of it- you will have people telling you it is going to be crazy, but especially if they are your first children, then you don't know the difference. If you think it will be crazy, it will be, but if you go into it knowing it will be challenging, but go with the flow, it will be so much more enjoyable (and this is coming from one of the most OCD people when it comes to planning and organizing)! That being said, you have to have them on a schedule from day one. You feed them both at the same time- even if that means waking up one of them to eat. All of the normal rules you follow for a singleton go out the window- never wake a sleeping baby, feeding on demand, don't bottle feed if you are breast feeding, etc. It is totally different with twins."

If you would like to participate in the Wonder Woman series, please email me.

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