Saturday, June 11, 2011

Liquid Gold

WARNING:  If nursing at all weirds you out, then do not continue reading.

This post will be most helpful to you if you plan on storing up milk, referred to in my home as liquid gold (LG), for returning to work.  I was under the wrong impression that it was relatively easy to stock up on LG based on one friend's experience, so did not make it a huge priority.  (This may not at all apply to you...I know some people that have donated their LG because they had such an abundant supply)  When I headed back to work, we depleted the entire freezer supply in a week, and I was frantic to keep up with L's feedings after that.  Having to increase the number of the pump sessions in the bathroom at work was no easy task.  It was always fun when people would come into the bathroom and ask "what is that noise" forcing me to discuss it with faceless strangers in the next stall..."Good for you sweetie!  Keep it up."  Anyways,  L started demanding more food as she was growing, and I had to begin supplementing formula sooner than I wanted to. 

LG began to be a hot commodity.  If we accidentally spilled some, my eyes would fill up with tears.  The term "pump and dump" that I would so casually tell my other friends to do after a big night on the town before L was born was no longer uttered. 

I recalled hearing about a product when L was only a couple weeks, but didn't purchase it.  BIG MISTAKE! It would have helped so much and I wish I would have started using it right away!  Please know I hate the name of it . It really tests my maturity level and make my want to giggle like a school girl.  Trust me though, you need to buy one...


This product is so genius I can't believe it was not invented sooner.  The naked truth is when you are nursing, you can leak any time during the day and when nursing on one side, the other leaks.  You can wear your Milkies (cue school girl giggle) all the time or just when you are nursing.  They catch the otherwise wasted LG.  You can store up to 3-10 additional ounces in a day, if not more.  It was recommended to me not to start pumping until L was 4 weeks old, but this provides a way to start storing right away.

You can search their site for a location that sells it near you.  They also sell it on Amazon and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Side note - A little advice on storing up...I would only use your freezer supply when you absolutely have to.  Before I knew how hard storing was going to be, we would use it carelessly and wastefully.  Treat it like the liquid gold that it is :) 

Can we come up with a new name to call this product?  Any ideas?  Gold Catcher?

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Jennifer said...

Love the name and I am totally trying Milkies the second time around!!!

LSchuelke said...

Just a comment on the "pump and dump" idea...I ran that by my brother/pediatrician when I was nursing, and pumping and dumping is actually a false idea about how our milk production and bloodstream works. In the same way that you can't "sober up" any quicker than it takes for the alcohol to leave your bloodstream, the milk present in your breasts when you drink alcohol works the same way. The milk (if it remains in the breast) will "sober up" once your bloodstream does. If you pump and dump the "tainted" milk, the milk produced right after that will also have alcohol in it until the alcohol leaves your bloodstream.

The big takeaway - don't waste time after a big night out pumping! If your baby needs milk before your bloodstream has gotten rid of the alcohol, give her a pre-pumped bottle! Tell all your friends!!!

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