Friday, August 12, 2011

Funny Friday: Failing You

I am totally failing you today!  I have not had time to research for today's Funny Friday.  Three things did make me laugh this week that I thought I would share...

#1...I got an email yesterday from the club where we are members that said...NO JOKE..."Due to the storm and Fecal Contamination, the pool will be close on Thursday."  Can you say TMI?  Using only "contamination" would have gotten the point across just fine or eliminating it all together.  The poor kid that did that will be scarred for life!

#2...This video you may have already seen, Boys will be Girls.  It is eerily dead on, but hilarious!

#3 A new blog, The Adventures of Lolo. 

I was so excited to have two shout outs this week on The Hub of the Hubbards and One Day at a Time.  Thank you Tessa and Emily!

Have a good weekend!!!  I hope to be back on my game next week.

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