Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Everyone told me that during labor I would be so tired/in so much pain that I wouldn't feel embarrassed.  FALSE!  In the back of my head I was thinking "this is mortifying" the entire time.  And to the faceless lady in the room who yelled out "Come on, momma" during my final pushes like we were at a high school pep rally, not cool!  If I could have felt my legs at that moment, I would have gotten up and clocked her. 

This next part will seem totally random, but I PROMISE I have a point...

My husband is obsessed with the movie Braveheart.  We watch on it on all vacations with my in-laws.  He sometimes wakes up in the morning feeling pretty awesome because he dreamt he was William Wallace the night before (painted face and all).  We joked (well, I joked and THINK he was joking) if L would have been a boy, her name would be William Wallace.  In his head if you have a Scottish accent, you are instantly awesome. 

Well, having already experienced all of the awkwardness that goes into the childbirth experience, we were dreading the lactation consultant coming in to basically feel me up.  Low and behold, she had a Scottish accent!  To my husband, it didn't matter how many times she said, "gotta make sure the baby is gettin' the groceries" as she was squeezing my boob, she had achieved William Wallace status the second she opened her mouth.  During a very long speech about nursing, she informed us we needed to track all feedings, wet diapers, and "poopie" diapers on a sheet of paper.  This is a task typically assigned to the dad in the hospital since mom is still moving slow.  Here is a picture of our log to give you an idea.


Doesn't really seem like the best system, does it?  I recently learned about a new app, Baby Connect, created just for this purpose.

At a price of $4.99, I think it is well worth it!  I would have loved to known about this last November.  If you are expecting, go ahead and download it on your baby's daddy's phone to be one step ahead before heading to the hospital.  Be sure to forward this on to him!  You can synchronize it to other phones as well  when mom is feeling more up to the tracking task.

In the words of Braveheart, FREEEEDOM!!!!   This app will give you the freedom from keeping manual logs that leave you more confused than not.

***Keeping it Simple sidenote***Someone recently asked me about the Itzbeen (around $20).

It sounds like basically the same idea as the app, but all the timers seem complicated to me and a bit unnecessary.  I like the app better because it is not an additional electronic to carry around along with your baby monitor and phone, it is cheaper, and I have heard it is very simple to use.  Feel free to pipe in if you have used either and have a strong opinion.

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Emily said...

Of course I love this post! Thanks an a friend just last week was telling me about the app too. She too preferred it over the nanny timer thing! You rock! Love all your info!!

NShelton said...

I just made Geoff download the app...and I quote G "that is one intense app"! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll let you know how it works. At least it will distract him from Orange Bloods and Twitter for a little while!

Simple Mom said...

Emily, I thought you might like this one! Someone recommended the app the day after you asked about the Itzbeen!

Nicole, I love Geoff's passion for apps. Maybe we can convince Kemper to finally download an app for the next go-round for us.

Hayley said...

I loved itzbeen but didn't know about this at the time. That is an awesome app!

Missy said...

I love this app! We're using it right now and it's super easy and convenient.

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