Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Diary of a New Mom 2

In Diary of a New Mom, Nicole discussed how to make the most of your hospital stay.  Today's she writes about her first week Top 5 essentials...

Week One Essentials
1. Gerber front snap t-shirts

4. Boppy Lounger - A newborn sleeps almost all of the time the boppy lounger is perfect to plop them in on the couch next to you.  

5. Disposable nursing pads - Medela makes a great disposable pad. These were a life saver for me as I had a couple of “blow-outs” when my milk came in. (Excellent suggestion, Nicole!  Definitely stock up on these in the weeks leading up to your due date if you plan on nursing)

Thanks Nicole!  For other first few weeks tips, click here.

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