Thursday, October 27, 2011

Baby Book Contest

I am so excited to announce the photo contest prize that I mentioned earlier this week!!!  

So, I decided to make a Baby Book Video instead of having a standard baby book.  

The winner of the Halloween photo contest (as voted by "likes" on facebook) will win a video of their very own (up to 100 photos) made by me!   Here is the one I made for "L".  BIG TEASER:  The video reveals L's name for the first time :) (Please ignore my awkward hair toss at the beginning...not sure what that is about) My apolgies, but the blogger video upload does not show the best quality.

A note for all the email subscribers:  sometimes the videos I post don't show up on the email, so please click here to watch.

Don't forget to snap away in the coming days!  Best baby or maternity costume wins!  Email your photos to me.  The pictures will be posted on facebook on Tuesday, so please send them before then.

The big winner doesn't HAVE to use their prize for a baby book...I, also, made one for a friend's rehearsal dinner.

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CourtneyH said...

I made it 2 minutes in and had to turn it off because I was going to cry. How special!!

kourtneycyrus said...

So sweet.... Definitely made me start crying when the forever young song came on.... They grow up so fast. Lola is so precious and super lucky she has you both as parents.

Hayley said...

Love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for sure cried :)

Leigh said...

Um that is the cutest thing ever. Also, what a perfect personality combo she is of you both!

Emily said...

just precious....loved every bit of it.

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