Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is totally an aside, but this post reminded me of a funny story.  One Thanksgiving we had just finished a huge turkey dinner.  We were all vegged out on the couch and my sister says, "Gosh!  That testosterone has really made me tired."  We all look at her extrememly confused.  She says, "You the turkey."  We all realized at once she means tryptophan.  I was wondering where she had gotten an extra dose of testosterone and why that would make her tired!

That completely random story came to mind because of this article I found stating that fathers testosterone levels drop after fatherhood...

"Diaper bags and strollers may do more to change new dads than they think. A new study from researchers at Northwestern University shows that testosterone levels take a dramatic plunge after men become fathers"  Read more here.

If you notice your baby's daddy acting a little less "manly," my sister would suggest throwing some turkey his way. ;)

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Emily said...

This one makes me laugh! I love it! Thanks

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