Friday, October 28, 2011

Costume Friday: Final Chapter

As I promised last week, I saved the best for last! The top 2 most creative/weirdest maternity Halloween costume are...

Labor and Delivery Team

and...WAIT FOR IT...the #1 pick...A BELLY TURNED BOOB!!!  I may never be the same all have already learned my fear of the pregnant belly button and this lady turned it into a nipple!!!

Thank you to Pregnant Chicken for posting both of these photos.  Here was the explanation of "how to do it" if you are so inclined..."I used eye shadow for the areola and a baby bottle nipple for the nipple. I stuck it on with Vaseline, since I was staying home, but I suppose you could use spirit gum and it would stay on really well."

AND the top 2 offensive baby costumes go to...


Can you say therapy? Thank you to Momversation for their costume list. 

AND, of course...


I just don't understand!!!  The least of this girl's worries are the exposed outlets!

This concludes the Costume Friday series!  I hope you enjoyed!

Don't forget to take pictures of you/your little ones this weekend for the Baby Book Video Contest! 

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