Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stay Out of the Mom Zone

My friends have an ongoing joke about which one of us is going to get the mom-do first.  You know, the first one who decides to go for convenience over looks when you become a mom.  The first to chop their hair off like a boy.  The first to decide that it is too much trouble to have to style your hair every day.  It becomes a slippery slope...the "mom" cut, "the "mom" jeans, the "mom" wardrobe.  I am going to try my best to stay out of the "Mom Zone."

However, staying on top of trends is a daily struggle.  As you working moms know, you have a TON of new found time at home after baby bedtime.  It used to be your grocery store and boutique/mall time, but now you can't leave the house.  Online shopping has become my new best friend.  I have started ordering tons of things every time I see an online coupon from my favorite stores.  I usually end up returning 90% of it, but it is slowly filling the void in my closet where maternity clothes took over.  A second struggle I face when trying to keep up with the latest fashion is adding in the new guilt I feel buying something for myself instead of buying something for L.

So, I do not fancy myself a fashionista, but I am an excellent bargain hunter.  If I see something I like, I can almost always find a cheaper replica or the same product on a discount website.  I hope to relieve your new found guilt and lack of shopping time with a new series, "Stay Out of The Mom Zone."  Please email me looks you see and love, but want to find a cheaper version.

For example, I am in the market for some new boots and saw a picture of Kourtney Kardashian wearing these bad boys...

Since I need both brown and black boots this year, I thought I could kill two boots with one Kardashian.  Upon further research I found out she was wearing $2,000 Chanel boots...EEK! 

However, I found LOTS of similar two toned boots I love...

These range from $99-$715...they are listed from highest to lowest...

I ordered #6 and LOVED them, but they were too tall...for you long-legged gals, try them out...they are SUPER comfortable! 

Which one is your favorite?

I always struggle with boots because I have the weeniest calves and ankles you have ever seen.  Too bad the teeny weeny part doesn't travel up to my thighs...They are normal size...Just picture a V-shape and that is my leg silhouette.  It is hot, I know, so don't be jeal.  Anyways, I JUST found out that Nordstroms has an option to search for a "narrow" shaft boot.  I will keep you posted on what I end up with. 

Email me your bargain shopping needs.  I am happy to be at your service.


Sarah said...

Since I was about 8, I would have long hair for a while, then chop it off. Once my LO was about 10 months old, I chopped my hair off again. And I CRINGE when people say I have "mom hair". Nope. Just wanted a change - like I have for the past 20 years!!!!

Lacey said...

saw this this morning and thought of your Mom Zone post. I am not a mom yet and rarely get out of my workout clothes. only downhill from here. sorry Chris!

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