Monday, October 3, 2011


I love October!  The weather turns nice, I can usually bust out some fall sweaters and boots, and it is the month of HALLOWEEN!  You know what that means...costumes, costumes, costumes!  My family is a bit extreme when it comes to costumes.   We will find any excuse to dress up.  Come to think about, not sure why I classify October as a "costume" month.  After searching through photos for this post, I realized we dress up in costumes every month of the year. Please see below...

Exhibit A:  Dressed up for a Moulin Rouge party (November)

Exhibit B:  Dressed up as my mom's favorite things for her surprise birthday party (March)

Exhibit C:  Dressed up for my dad's birthday dinner (September)

Exhibit D:  Even Christmas is an excuse to dress up (December)

As you can see, Special K and the men in my family are GREAT sports!  They have come to learn that "no" is an unacceptable answer.

I am going to keep L's costume a secret until Halloween!  It is so preshrunken...However, my mom swears she will be turning on me in her teenage years.  L will accuse me of giving her a complex because of her first ever Halloween costume.  Stay tuned!

I have gathered a list of my top 10 favorite baby Halloween costumes!  I tried to find the most unique ones that I had not seen before.  No pumpkins, ghosts, or witches in this bunch.  Some are weird, some are funny, and some are too cute for words.  Enjoy!

#10 Garden Gnome  - If I had not already ordered L's costume, she would definitely be a garden gnome.  There is always next Halloween though (or Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc...).  I love this little girl!

#9  Peanut - Originally I thought this was precious, but on second look, well, never mind...I will be mature about this one ;) 

#8  Baby Chicken and Big Chicken - the big chicken might be her Easter outfit...too cute!

#7  Elephant - For all you Republicans out there...

#6  Caterpillar - This one made me laugh

#5 Snail - As did this one...

#4 Octopus - Is this not the most random thing you have ever seen?  I can't decide if I like it or not.  Could be a hit at your neighborhood carnival!

#3 Ram - I am 99% sure this is a joke because it is not for sale anywhere...strange, very, very strange!

#2 Flamingo - Um, HA-styrical, but not sure I am willing to pay $120 for it.

#1 Elvis - If L was a boy, there would be no question what she would be...This Elvis costume is the by far my favorite...please someone get it and send me a picture of your little tyke!  Also, let me know where the baby's arms go???

What is your little one dressing up as?  Did I miss any funny/unique ones?

Please send in your Halloween pictures.  I just may have a contest with a prize :)

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