Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pump-a-thon 2

The original Pump-a-thon post has brought up multiple questions.  Someone asked me last weekend to write about the two different types of Medela pumps.  You may have noticed they are priced at $299 and $379.99, but it is hard to tell why one is more expensive.  I struggled finding the difference between the two myself. Here is a comparison of the two from the Medela website.

Pump Comparison

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Freestyle® Breastpump

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Pump In Style® Advanced - On-the-go Tote

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Type of Pump Personal Use - Single/Double  Personal Use - Single/Double 
2-Phase Expression Technology
LED Display  
Hands-Free Option  
Pumping Session Timer  
Pumping Session Memory Button  
Removable Pump Motor  
Removable work space    
Mesh Storage Bags    
Optional Vehicle Lighter Adapter
Removable Cooler Carrier
PersonalFit Breastshield Compatible
Softfit Breastshields Included  
AC Adapter Powered
Adjustable Speed/Vacuum
Battery Option Rechargeable  AA 
Daily Use
Weight < 1 lb   
Warranty 1 Year - Limited  1 Year - Limited 
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In short, the more expensive one includes breast shields, the actual pump is more portable and offers a few more features, it has a rechargeable battery, and it offers a hands-free feature.   It is completely up to you whether or not the additional $80 is worth it.  I bought the handsfree, but actually never used that feature.  I never wore nursing bras and you have to wear them to attach the pump.  Maybe next time I will!  (Reminder to buy the pump when you close out your registry to get the discount to save some money)

I promise to post a workplace pumping strategy soon!  Hope this comparison helped in the meantime!

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