Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Don't you just love the iphone autocorrect website.  You know when your iphone autocorrects a word that you did not intend to use?    Most of the time it is pretty harmless and doesn't make much sense, but they can get you into real trouble.  Here is an example...

In honor of a family wedding coming up this weekend, I will explain a little inside joke that was derived from such an autocorrect incident.  It is not on the dirty humor train the iphone sometimes is on, so don't get your hopes up.

My college-aged sister-in-law texted my future sister-in-law that this girl was "precious," but instead texted "preshrunken."  They all assumed "preshrunken" was a cool, new college word that they must not know about.  There were many guesses on what this new term might mean.  Everyone had a good laugh when they learned it was just a mistake.  Now, preshrunken is in our family vocabulary.

So, L will be a flower girl in the previously mentioned family wedding!  She is 9.5 months now and the other flower girl is 8 weeks.  Their dad's will be carrying them down the will be so PRESHRUNKEN!!!  I will definitely get a  picture to share.

When we were trying to find flower girl dresses, we ran into some problems.  They are all so mini-bridesmaidsy (just made that word up, but you know what I mean) and cost just as much as a bridesmaids dress.  I called in the expert...Alex, from Things That Sparkle, keeps a fantastic blog featuring interiors, fashion, and a little bit of food.

She has a weekly series about planning her upcoming wedding called, Wedding Wednesdays.  She is guest posting here for today's Wedding Wednesdays about flower girl dresses.  See her adorable picks below at a wide variety of costs...

American Apparel $48 
Annie Girl Dress Up $150-170

Nordstrom $150

J Crew $168

Thank you Alex for these preshrunken dresses!  I love them! Let me know which one you choose for your wedding!

Unfortunately, we did not have Alex's picks before we picked the dress.  The Bride decided to keep it clean and simple with a white, smocked dress like the one below...

Etsy $56

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Things That Sparkle said...

Thank you so much for having me over today!! I will most definitely let you know which one I choose. And I actually love the one your little one is going to be wearing, so classic!

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