Friday, September 23, 2011

Funny Friday: The "It" Factor

Special K and I agreed not to find out the sex of the baby.  For 10 months (whoever said pregnancy was only 9 months must have been a is definitely 10 months) we referred to L as "It."  However, we were almost positive "it" was a boy.  So positive, I actually didn't even listen to what the doctor said when L was born!  They had to tell me  four or five times it was a girl.  Obviously, we were way off! 

Our ultrasound tech told us about 90% of the patients he sees find out the sex.  I thought is would be a little lower because I know so many people who don't find out.    Please answer the following poll to see if Keeping it Simple statistics match his.

Did/Will you find out the sex of your baby?

If you are finding out or not, I ran across this article that details all the gender tests you can try.  Could be fun to test their accuracy.  I took a few of them when I was pregnant and here were my results:

1) Heart Rate: Girl
2) Sweet tooth: Girl
3) Chinese Birth Chart: Girl
4)  Potty Time:  Didn't take this one
5)  Even and Odd: Boy
6)  Key Test:  Didn't take this one
7)  Complexion:  Girl
8)  Ring Test: (We used needle and thread) Boy
9)  Morning Sickness: Girl

Not bad, 5/7 guessed girl!  What about you?

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