Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wonder Woman #3

It is my pleasure to introduce Wonder Woman #3, my friend Blair.  She just moved back to Texas, got settle into a new house, and worked full time all while being in her third trimester with twins!  I ran into her in the grocery store in the middle of all this chaos and she was so calm and collected.  For all of these reasons and more, I see her as a super hero.  

Blair was kind enough to send me her "can't live without" product recommendations from the first couple months with her new girls.

"My girls are still sleeping in the same crib, so I put it right between them and when one cries, the other doesn’t wake up.  Everybody told me to get the Sleep Sheep, but it simply doesn’t cut it for twins b/c it has a timer.  We leave our noise machine on all night.  The one we bought by Conair has a 'white noise' setting, so it’s the very basic, original sound machine."

"With two screamers in the middle of the night, we don’t have time to hold them and rock them until their milk fully digests.  The wedge props them up slightly so that (in theory) there is a lower chance the milk will come back up.  Since we feed one after the other at night, I feel better knowing that they are slightly raised for digestion."

"I like strapping one of the girls onto me (head facing outward) while I do chores around the house.  Inevitably, one is awake at all times and it’s nice to have them near me, but still have both of my hands free.  Also, I feel like it gives them a good chance to look around the house.  With twins in the middle of August, it’s very difficult to leave the house, so I feel like walking them around the house helps get them exposed to different sites."  (You may recall the use of the bjorn in Up in the Air)

"It’s Velcro and amazing." (Keeping it Simple side note:  Many of my mom friends LOVE the True Womb.  I tried it one night, but L didn't like her arms swaddled.  I just learned that they make one that doesn't swaddle the arms.  I will have to try this the next go round.   As suggested in Swaddle Meltdown, you will have trial and error in this department before you find your perfect swaddle formula.  Definitely add this one to your list to try with or without twins)  Here is a short video clip on how the swaddle works.  

Thank you Blair for all of your suggestions!!!  See other Wonder Woman posts for more twin suggestions.

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